Whether you are looking for simple beauty, tropical flare, or extravagant waterfall additions… New Leaf Ventures, Inc. has the designs that will compliment any landscape surface. Our custom water features include tropical designs, formal designs, Asian garden designs, and many more!!!

Our 2Water Features division incorporates waterfall designs such as rock formation for swimming pools, spas and ponds. Also available are custom pond and fountain designs that enhance the overall beauty of your landscape design.

A water feature transforms your backyard: Add a simple marble fountain and your garden turns into a bird sanctuary filled with the chirps and flutters of local wildlife.

Put in a trickling stream and your patio doubles as a peaceful retreat from the world. Or build a rock-lined waterfall into your swimming pool and your yard becomes a secluded tropical lagoon.

Whether you want to give your backyard the exotic feel of a far-off Mediterranean courtyard or to highlight the simple joys of a laid-back south Florida afternoon, New Leaf’s experienced landscape team will help you find the perfect water feature. Do you envision your garden as an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life?

We can help you design the reflecting pool, Asian garden or babbling brook that will put your mind at ease after a long and stressful workday. Or do you love to throw outdoor parties and want to turn your garden into a welcoming gathering point for friends and neighbors? Beautifully lit fountains provide a wonderful conversation piece around which party goes can linger and get to know one another on a warm summer night.

All of New Leaf’s water features are designed, installed and maintained by experienced landscape experts whose highest priority is your artistic wishes. Each feature is created specifically to fit your space and blend naturally with its surroundings. Whatever your vision of the perfect backyard is–a paradise, an escape, a garden party–New Leaf will work with you to help make it a reality.