At New Leaf Ventures our landscaping division provides professional cultivation services for your Florida home or business.

You’ll appreciate our comprehensive maintenance list, which includes lawn care and fertilization as well as trimming and irrigation. In fact, with our 25 years of landscaping experience, we’ll surely make your outdoor spaces thrive.

25 years of landscape maintenance services

Design Selection

After you contact our customer service department to make an appointment, one of our professional consultants will arrive to your home or business to discuss your green space preferences and maintenance needs. We will work with you to create a landscaping plan.

Once you’ve selected a design, we will trim your current exterior plants and add new landscaping elements. Our crew will plant trees, flowers and bushes that grow well in Florida’s climate. Also, by adding plants that prefer Florida’s weather, your outdoor spaces will require less maintenance and are more likely to flourish.

Fertilization and Pest Regulation

Our landscaping maintenance team will service your outdoor areas annually or seasonally depending on the needs of your plants and soil. Furthermore, we will analyze your soil to ensure that we use effective fertilizer combinations. Our crew will also assess the structure of your home or business to employ the best pest prevention.

Trimming and Cleaning Maintenance

Our crew will arrive to your home or business promptly to maintain your outdoor spaces. Moreover, proper and consistent landscaping maintenance improves the exterior appearance of your home or business.

Conclusion For cultivation maintenance, contact us at Newleaf Landscaping. With our extensive experience, you’ll have a yard that your neighbors will envy or a business exterior that will attract customers.

Regularly scheduled landscape maintenance includes:

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Fertilization
  • And Much More